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Camel cozy.

This whole mercury in retrograde has posed for a very interesting February. I'm going to get really honest with you this week about some transitions going on in my life but that's for another day; another post.

So...another holiday in and out. Whenever Valentine's Day is over, I always kind of look at February as being done. It's such a short month. Truly, we are inches from March and that gives me tremendous hope for SPRING! We're almost there, people!

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A lesson in contrast.

The SKIRT WEEK trend continues but today is the quintessential "Johanna" outfit. If I could illustrate my personality by way of fashion - this is it. A sharp contrast in color and 100% girly to the core.

I used to try and tone down my girly side, however; the older I get, the more I embrace all the things that make me happy. Wearing pink. Eating chocolate daily. Working hard. Being a supportive friend. Cooking. Tickling my girls. Staying in on a Saturday night.

Just a small snapshot of the things we often overlook on the most stressful days.

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Queen of Hearts

Officially...this will be my Valentine's outfit. Typically not a floral person of sorts; I simply adore the large scale flowers on this dress. And the voluminous skirt = major fun!

The only challenge I had was finding a topcoat that wouldn't complete with the structure of the dress. Leopard saves the day...again!

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Layer upon layer.

Polar Vortex has reared her ugly head again this winter and I'm layering up in preparation. You see, it's all about dressing smarter, not harder. ...errr something like that.

Truth is, I go through spurts. I just completed my denim spurt hence I'm craving skirts and dresses. Natch, in -11 temps. 

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This year we hosted Christmas. Our house was filled with homemade smells that I just adore. It's my favorite part of hosting a dinner party.

One thing I've learned over the years is the importance of being comfortable when you are whipping up appetizers, shuttling dishes and pouring wine for your guests. I always opt for a dress in these situations. Movement is key as well as having room to grow.

I'm still in a fog from all the calories I consumed!

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