Camel cozy.


This whole mercury in retrograde has posed for a very interesting February. I'm going to get really honest with you this week about some transitions going on in my life but that's for another day; another post.

So...another holiday in and out. Whenever Valentine's Day is over, I always kind of look at February as being done. It's such a short month. Truly, we are inches from March and that gives me tremendous hope for SPRING! We're almost there, people!

We're not there yet though. It should be known that I totally disregard Mr. Groundhog, too. Back to cold temps and smart layers.

I've been searching for a camel, cozy sweater for years now and I have this one on repeat. It's perfection. I often ask my husband if he's tired of me wearing the same thing two weekends in a row. He'll never tell...

Let's be honest, what's warmer than leather pants and a heavy knit? A snuggy. That's about the only thing warmer. Don't forget the bling, though. Even cold weather can't deter me from sporting a little sparkle.

Shop my outfit below! xo