I quit my job. (and why it was worth the risk)

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will."

As a young girl, I was acutely aware of the fact that I wanted to be the boss. I saw my dad work tirelessly at his business and in turn, my family reaped the benefits of his work ethic. We attended great schools, traveled abroad and had the ability to pursue our passions be it tennis, soccer or ballet.

Fast forward to the present tense. I've had more career highs than career lows but none of that was based on luck or hand outs. It's because I knew, albeit a bit of an old school philosophy, that if I worked hard at anything the rewards would soon follow. And they did. 

...which is why I've quit my job. The risks are high but the reward, guys - it's so great!

My partner in crime, a dear friend of mine, and I decided to join forces after a decade of friendship, sweat, some tears, many disagreements, laughs and more success stories than we can count. Together we've birthed a new brand dedicated to Chicago and the amazing businesses that flourish in this awesome city. 

I quit my job to start my own company. To create a brand. To tell a story. And it's called Oak St. Social.

The decision wasn't an easy one but I know that if I don't roll the dice and try to fulfill my own dreams; the regret will be unshakeable for years to come. Ain't nobody got time for that!

So what does this mean? And also, are you nuts?

The answer...perhaps. It means I no longer schedule my days revolving around the restaurant scene and I no longer work two FT jobs which is honestly - a relief. It also means I have to work my tail off to build this new "something" in ways that I've never known before. But...it's different. I LOVE what I do and I LOVE social media. 

Have you ever not seen me with my phone? Let's be real.

Am I excited? Yes! Am I afraid of failure? Yes! A bit terrified, too. 

I can tell you that I believe we are on the verge of something great. I love that we are helping local businesses start a conversation and create a community. I love that everyday is different and I am proud of the work we've done thus far. (you can read about our services here)

The future is bright and there are some fabulous projects on the horizon. (disclosure: I hate keeping secrets)

It's what keeps me up at night. It's tiring and energizing all at once. Very much like having a newborn only less diapers but a fair amount of poop if you know what I mean.

I quit my job because I believe in us. But really, for all of you searching for answers or afraid of the risk:

I quit my job because I believe in me and I'd rather fail knowing that I tried then to have never tried at all.

Besides, I can always go back to working for the man. Thanks for listening to my story.

If you're now wondering why we named our business Oak St. Social - check back for a follow-up post on what it took to get this far. It's worth a laugh or two.

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