Biker chic.

Let's kick things off! Happy Wednesday!

First, I wanted to thank you for the many comments, emails, Facebook + Instagram comments and personal emails I received yesterday. It was in a word: inspiring and motivating. Most of all, it was deeply appreciated. This is a giant, scary, exhilarating step but the timing is right and the opportunities are a-plenty.

Back to fashion...

I picked up this vest last week at the opening of the H&M store in Merriville. It's quite the unexpected purchase for me but I have to outside of the box has its rewards. I'm almost guaranteeing it becomes one of the most versatile pieces in my closet which I plan to get heavy use out of as I transition into Spring.

Think about layering with dresses and with mini skirts. That's the plan while Mother Nature plays fickle games.

On another weather related note, because that's what bloggers talk about, I've noticed that the days are becoming longer and it's staying lighter out which thrills me to no end. Pretty soon we'll be able to take walks after dinner with the girls and get outside again.

I believe they call that the "silver lining" and I'm all about that these days.