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Lace details.

Wedding season is upon us and dressing up on the weekends has become the new norm. I don't mind it much as it breaks up my denim and tee uniform. I see this as a gift to my husband who sees me more disheveled than not. 

Sorry babe, I blame the children and their Pirate Booty hands. In fact, I write this with unwashed hair, yoga pants and a smattering of melted M&M on my shirt. I digress...

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Diamonds are forever.

Scuba dresses are easily the warmest dress you could don during the final months of winter. I should know. I have three of them. In fact, I scooped up this one for $7 from H&M. I adore the vibrant colors and pattern. This is a great, classic option as well.

About today's theme. Diamonds are forever. Just like the print on my dress. Just like the glamorous earrings I cloaked my ears in. More on that later...there's something in it for you, too!

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Biker chic.

Let's kick things off! Happy Wednesday!

First off, I wanted to thank you for the many comments, emails Facebook + Instagram comments and personal emails I received yesterday. It was in a word: inspiring and motivating. Most of all, it was deeply appreciated. This is a giant, scary, exhilarating step but the timing is right and the opportunities are a-plenty.

Back to fashion...

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Camel cozy.

This whole mercury in retrograde has posed for a very interesting February. I'm going to get really honest with you this week about some transitions going on in my life but that's for another day; another post.

So...another holiday in and out. Whenever Valentine's Day is over, I always kind of look at February as being done. It's such a short month. Truly, we are inches from March and that gives me tremendous hope for SPRING! We're almost there, people!

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Ya know, everyone has their opinions about Valentine's Day. Me? I like to celebrate all of the holidays. And what's not to love about love?

My husband and I celebrate Valentine's Day a little bit differently compared to years ago but it's still the perfect excuse to dress up and enjoy some conversation...just the adults. 

And...this week is officially SKIRT WEEK at 101 things i love...more on that later!

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Whoa #chiberia, whoa.

Dear Lord...did the weather people have it all wrong! New York had nothing on the Midwest. We got dumped on yesterday! Get 16 inches of snow and let me know how it goes all right friends?

My husband spent about 20 minutes suiting everyone up yesterday only for the girls to penguin walk back in 10 minutes later asking for hot cocoa. Snotty noses and pink cheeks for the win! 

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Every once in a while my sartorial taste takes a complete 360 and I go from ripped jeans to ladylike ensembles. It's an all or nothing game, really. 

Today's outfit sort of came together unintentionally. It started with the pink skirt. What goes with a pink skirt...florals obviously?! And the rest is history. 

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