Every once in a while my sartorial taste takes a complete 360 and I go from ripped jeans to ladylike ensembles. It's an all or nothing game, really. 

Today's outfit sort of came together unintentionally. It started with the pink skirt. What goes with a pink skirt...florals obviously?! And the rest is history. 

Actually, to be honest, it all started with this blush bag. Although Spring is far from arriving on my doorstep, I simply couldn't wait to break it out. 

Sometimes you have to fake it 'til you make it. So here is me faking it...ahhhh, Spring. So glad you're here!

...and I'll answer your next question. Yes, I was very cold snapping pics for this post. A quick change back into ripped denim quickly followed!

Shop my outfit below! (c/o ShopLately ring and necklace)