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I got the Monday blues...

Monday's are so tough aren't they? We had a jammed weekend and I'm still recovering slowly with lotsa coffee. All the coffee, all the time. (this was also my first week without any wine or sweets due to a new fitness/diet routine so you could say that I'm a tad touchy as of late...more on that later)

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Detail oriented.

So about that Spring...ummm, I really am excited. I swear. It's just this dress. I had to break it out. Sure, it looks like a basic black dress but really, it's all about the details. The subtle draping, the inverted hem, the perfect jersey material. It's the black dress I've been waiting for my whole life.

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So clean, so fresh.

This weekend brought a smile to my face. Warm temps, windblown hair and plenty of fresh air. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day, too which is kind of funny considering we are not Irish. As my husband said, "If you live in Chicago, everyone is Irish this weekend."

And we all know a Sunday well spent brings a week of content!

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Diamonds are forever.

Scuba dresses are easily the warmest dress you could don during the final months of winter. I should know. I have three of them. In fact, I scooped up this one for $7 from H&M. I adore the vibrant colors and pattern. This is a great, classic option as well.

About today's theme. Diamonds are forever. Just like the print on my dress. Just like the glamorous earrings I cloaked my ears in. More on that later...there's something in it for you, too!

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