Detail oriented.

So about that Spring...ummm, I really am excited. I swear. It's just this dress. I had to break it out. Sure, it looks like a basic black dress but really, it's all about the details. The subtle draping, the inverted hem, the perfect jersey material. It's the black dress I've been waiting for my whole life.

P/S My husband is my new photographer if you couldn't tell by the shadows. (tee hee)


My personal opinion on wearing a black dress...bring a pop of color. This Botkier bag fit the bill and I love that it's such an obscure color compared to what I normally would wear. If you follow me on Instagram, you know what a score it was!

About these stud earrings. I've worn them Of course, they're Rocksbox. Get your first month free by using my code: winefinexoxo.

One of the perks of creating style posts with your hubby is that it becomes a family affair. My nuggets have become highly interested in my blog photos and in fact, ask to see pictures of themselves all the time. I could be building a monster here. Oy!

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