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Happy Monday! I'm happy to report that it's warm, sunny and it looks like health has once again restored in our family. Thank baby Jesus! 

Onto remember my post on thredUP, right? Well, I'm back with another outfit. This dress! This time I scored an adorable Rebecca Minkoff number that I sported with tights here but fully intend to rock bare legs come Spring! 

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I'm back! I missed you guys! I have to say that taking a week off was good for the soul. I think every blogger needs a moment to get recharged and inspired in different surroundings.

It's only fair that my first style post back pay homage to my favorite tree which happens to be in abundance on the gorgeous island of Hilton Head. PALMS!

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Detail oriented.

So about that Spring...ummm, I really am excited. I swear. It's just this dress. I had to break it out. Sure, it looks like a basic black dress but really, it's all about the details. The subtle draping, the inverted hem, the perfect jersey material. It's the black dress I've been waiting for my whole life.

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Biker chic.

Let's kick things off! Happy Wednesday!

First off, I wanted to thank you for the many comments, emails Facebook + Instagram comments and personal emails I received yesterday. It was in a word: inspiring and motivating. Most of all, it was deeply appreciated. This is a giant, scary, exhilarating step but the timing is right and the opportunities are a-plenty.

Back to fashion...

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Pencil me in!

Do you ever look at old posts and sort of cringe? Well, I do. Evidence here. I don't know what I was think with that hair. It's so...suburban of me. Why didn't you guys tell me?

One thing is for sure - still a goober on camera. Kidding...I need to be less hard on myself. I feel like I need to have a Stuart Smalley moment. 

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