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Windy City.

They don't call it the Windy City for nothing! Actually, the wind, as in the weather, has nothing to do with our beloved name but that's a different story for a different day! Let's talk about this dress! We are well into the infatuation phase. Yup, we move fast!

I am obsessed with the bright pop of neon and the deep V back. It's everything I could want in a summer dress and more! I suppose this would make me a very simply human being but hey, so be it! At least it's not another off-the-shoulder, right?

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Cafe style.

The trend continues. Can't stop, won't stop! 

This weekend we tried on bathing suits and summer clothes in preparation for our trip. Naturally, it started to snow in Chicago simultaneously. And yes, it's April. Just putting it out there that I just remarked to my mom this week that I thought we'd seen the last of the's my fault.

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Lunch date.

Every once in a while you have a weekend that hits on all four cylinders. Such was the case for this weekend. Between gorgeous weather, weddings and spontaneous family visits...I couldn't have asked for more relaxation.

I even snuck in some alone time to putz around the house get organized. Eventually all my little, organized piles become a total hindrance in our available counter space.

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Suited for Spring.

If Spring means a clean slate than a white suit makes for a clean sartorial choice. I wore this all-white ensemble to an event this week. Note: I left the house immediately after getting dressed. C'mon, I know better than that!

Wearing all white around toddlers doesn't end up good. Especially, when our freezer is stocked with watermelon popsicles!

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