Chicago is full of talented women. One of which I've been following diligently for the last year - Ashley of Sedbona. Not only does she know her way around a Nikon; she's incredibly down-to-earth...a girl's girl. The moment I met her, I knew we would be friends. 

Yesterday we shared a lunch at homeslice and caught up on life, blogging, husbands, careers and more. What you see today is the product of her mad skills with a camera that I was fortunate enough to reap the benefits of. 

No offense darling husband of mine, but we have some homework to do with these style posts. And I agree, the garage door is getting old. Yeesh!

I mean, she caught the L tracks in my sunglasses, people. Like I said, talented!


Not to get smarmy, but I constantly feel grateful to be surrounded by such a warm and inviting group of women with amazing passion projects. This is what makes blogging worthwhile and really, so much more than a website. 

Ok, I'm done.

Shop my outfit below:

All photos were taken by the uber talented Ashley of Sedbona and MushroomStew.

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