What I know at 37 that I didn't know at 36.

Once you hit your mid-30's...I sort of feel like the years blend. There's nothing earth shattering that happens which I've come to appreciate because my 20's were so rocky. Sometimes no drama and auto-pilot is a good thing.

I'm at peace with a lot of things and in the name of my birthday last week, I thought I'd share. (why not, right?!)

  1. Comparison is the thief of joy. It really is true...take it from someone who blogs 5x's a week and stares at social media for a living. Your life is really great right now. 
  2. You are beautiful the way you are right now. Today. No one else is like you.
  3. Be present. I have to say I am learning this one slowly but surely. I am not perfect but I am trying to live a more rewarding life. I'm trying not to work as much on the weekends and stare at my family; not my phone.
  4. Get healthy. I haven't been taking care of myself since I started Oak St. Social. That changed last week. I'm on a new eating + fitness regime hoping to re-discover more energy and a toner tush. Fingers crossed.
  5. Don't give advice unless solicited. I'm a very outspoken person and it's taken a lot for me to harness my tongue but I'm trying. It forces me to think through my response and become a better listener. 
  6. Be with people that make you feel good about yourself. I try really hard to be liked by everyone. Always have. I'm still learning that the moment the tension releases from my shoulders and I audibly laugh out loud...I'm with my people. That circle has expanded (thankfully) but I know who my people are.
  7. Work with integrity. This is a truism that has followed me my whole life actually. Always tell your clients the truth...when you fail and when you succeed. The rewards will come full circle.
  8. Work a lot! Captain Obvious, here but starting your own company means you better WERK, beotch! It's no joke. There is no vacation and there is no sleep. I have learned to be at peace with organized chaos.
  9. It's okay to have alone time. My "alone" moments are few and far between but I do revel in the silence. That takes the form of hitting the drive through for a cup of coffee to working late at night in silence. Even a grocery store run can set me straight again.
  10. Have that dance party. No, seriously. Turn up the music really loud and break a sweat. We've done this for years with my girls and I always looked at it as a favor, even a bonding moment with my daughters but really it's a stress reliever for me. Double points!

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