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Cable happiness.

I don't know if it's the impending snow flurries due today or the fact that my holiday season started in November and I'm already slightly annoyed at dressing up every day but I gotta tell you...throwing on some jeans and a big, chunky sweater just feels good. I actually don't mind the cold temps if I'm dressed right. Spoken like a true Midwesterner.

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I got the Monday blues...

Monday's are so tough aren't they? We had a jammed weekend and I'm still recovering slowly with lotsa coffee. All the coffee, all the time. (this was also my first week without any wine or sweets due to a new fitness/diet routine so you could say that I'm a tad touchy as of late...more on that later)

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I'm back! I missed you guys! I have to say that taking a week off was good for the soul. I think every blogger needs a moment to get recharged and inspired in different surroundings.

It's only fair that my first style post back pay homage to my favorite tree which happens to be in abundance on the gorgeous island of Hilton Head. PALMS!

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