Baby blues.

If an outfit could sum up last week's mood...this would be it. Kinda under the weather but wanting to appear pulled together. You could officially say preschool germ season is in full swing. Mama got her fill last week. Just to be able to taste coffee again seems like a luxury!

Let's talk about details, shall we? Because when you're in a rut...the details get you by! This bracelet lends just a hint of subtle pastel pop to my monochrome attire. It's also great for added texture!

If there's one die-hard sartorial rule I live's always wear great shoes. They can transform any outfit. Even if you have a raw nose and kleenex spewing out of your pockets. Pretty right?

Since I'm from Chicago, it seemed only fitting that I break down and get a jacket for my lobes. An ear jacket that is! These Queenie Ear Jackets are such a conversation starter. I wore them two days in a row!

Snag both my earrings and bracelet from Cherrypick! It's the most adorable accessory site. Use my promo code 101THINGSILOVE15 and take 15% off your entire order!

I also want to introduce you to another great accessory site: Happiness Boutique. I can't tell you how many times I've thrown on my Charm Necklace to add interest to my ordinary chambray tops and just about any sweater in my closet. They offer free shipping as well as a customer reward program

There you have to get by with a severe sinus infection. As they say...fake it till ya make it! Happy Monday babes! Only 5 more days until we can exhale again...

Shop my outfit below: