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In approximately eight minutes <as I write this...> I turn another year older. One more year! I could write you this long diatribe about what I've learned this year but we'll save that for my NYE recap. I'll give you the cliff notes. This year I learned one thing: 

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Be unique with Monique Boutique!

You'll never hear me complain about wearing sequins. Sequins give me life. And I happen to know a great many women that share my sentiment. My partner and my best friends as a matter of fact!  

Here's why I love this little diddy from Monique Boutique. It's the perfect amount of sexy but still tasteful.

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Everyday sequins.

I've always had the belief that sequins shouldn't be reserved for New Year's only. That seems like a waste of beauty. I believe there is a place for everyday sequins. After all, it has anything and everything to do with your attitude when you wear them. Today's dress is no exception. I can and will find many occasions to wear this lil number. It's even more stunning in person. 

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Superhero status.

Capes definitely give you superhero status. I should know, this T&J Designs version gives me wings! It's also a sure fire way to dress up even the most basic of basics because let's face it...winter weather and a lack of fashion inspiration have officially arrived in Chicago. <cue the eye roll>

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Casual holiday elegance.

The holidays can be so fancy that often, by Friday, I crave denim and a paired down version of my traditional uniform. Sometimes I have so many fancy separates that it's difficult for me to compose a basic outfit. Which is downright silly given that I have a gazillion basics just sitting in my closet! Ahhhh the life of a blogger!  

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NYC: Day 3

If you think this is a group that is okay disconnecting from devices; you'd be sorely mistaken. We were, indeed, those annoying chicks across the street snapping pictures...constantly. Ahhhh hey, you only live once. Speaking of - catch my Day 1 and Day 2 recaps!

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NYC: Day 2

Day 2 of NYC. Slightly dehydrated but happy nonetheless! (Day 1 recap found here) We woke up on the later side of the morning, bed head included, and showered up for an iconic lunch at Bergdorf's. Oh the people watching! I've never seen so many tightly pulled, blonde women in one, central location. Hilarious. 

Much to my surprise, lunch was positively fabulous. After I inhaled a crab sandwich and a cappuccino...I started to feel like myself again. And slightly more hydrated. Always a plus.

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