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NYC: Day 3

If you think this is a group that is okay disconnecting from devices; you'd be sorely mistaken. We were, indeed, those annoying chicks across the street snapping pictures...constantly. Ahhhh hey, you only live once. Speaking of - catch my Day 1 and Day 2 recaps!

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NYC: Day 2

Day 2 of NYC. Slightly dehydrated but happy nonetheless! (Day 1 recap found here) We woke up on the later side of the morning, bed head included, and showered up for an iconic lunch at Bergdorf's. Oh the people watching! I've never seen so many tightly pulled, blonde women in one, central location. Hilarious. 

Much to my surprise, lunch was positively fabulous. After I inhaled a crab sandwich and a cappuccino...I started to feel like myself again. And slightly more hydrated. Always a plus.

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NYC: Day 1

This is the girls' trip that keeps on living. We've been texting each other and sharing photos since we returned...even planning a reunion of sorts. It was that good. So why not immortalize it forever? And that's just what I'm gonna do so get ready for a recap of sorts this week and the next but I promise you it won't be boring because these girls are anything but. That is for certain!

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#MBFW Day 3 favorites.

Rounding out my #NYFW experience with the final recap...Day 3. (Day 2 recap here) I apologize for the delay in posting today. Truth is, I'm tired. 70-hour work weeks will do that to you. Anyhoo, FASHION - let's discuss.

We kicked off the morning early for Lie Sangbong. (not easy when dehydration levels run high and caffeine levels are low) Lie Sangbong was new to me. 

By the time we walked out of the hotel that morning, it was 98 degrees. I swear. Which is why I so smartly wore a tweed suit. Observe.

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Splashy entrances.

Yesterday I shared 20 tips to get you through #MBFW. Today I am sharing what I wore, travel day included, and what necessities I pack for said activities. As a mom, I come prepared because nobody cares about your blister or your lost sunglasses. (still pissed I lost mine BUT I did bring two back ups so shit does happen for a reason) Obviously the accessory gods want me to update my eyewear. Challenge accepted.

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