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On content and change...

I've had multiple conversations as of late regarding my blog rebrand and content shift. Seems only fitting I discuss the reasons why I focus more on fashion and less on family these days. Maybe you're not one to notice or care all that much but it's been weighing on my brain and let's face it...there's only so much that fits up there these days! 

It all started with a conversation I had with a local blogger momma about featuring our kiddos. Since then it's been reinforced by a couple other moms I respect and some of my peers in the industry. Let's just say this was an "aha" moment for me. 

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School munchkins.

I didn't have a post prepared for today. It's sitting in my camera. Instead, I chose to read books with Olivia and snuggle with her in bed last night. We were both tired and snuggling just seemed so much cozier vs logging onto my computer. 

Turns out it was time well spent with my wiggle worm. My munchkins started preschool this month. They are growing at lightening speed it seems.

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Splashy entrances.

Yesterday I shared 20 tips to get you through #MBFW. Today I am sharing what I wore, travel day included, and what necessities I pack for said activities. As a mom, I come prepared because nobody cares about your blister or your lost sunglasses. (still pissed I lost mine BUT I did bring two back ups so shit does happen for a reason) Obviously the accessory gods want me to update my eyewear. Challenge accepted.

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Lola's 2nd Birthday

Sunday was Lola's big 2nd birthday. It was only yesterday that I was doing squats in my family room trying to calm a colicky baby. Thank goodness that passed! Looking at her now, she's a bright, very active, talkative toddler who mirrors her sister's every move. It's been fun to watch her grow. (and it's a whole lot easier to communicate with her these days, too!)

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101 fashion bloopers - behind the camera lens.

Shocking as you may find this...I am not a model by any means. I know. I know. You'd never know I am a suburban mom. Believe me, I fool many-a-people. But in all seriousness, if you can't have a laugh at yourself than who can you laugh at? 

I present you the first of, what I can only assume, many fashion blooper posts. These are the photos that get trashed immediately for's pretty obvious. See below.

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