On content and change...

I've had multiple conversations as of late regarding my blog rebrand and content shift. Seems only fitting I discuss the reasons why I focus more on fashion and less on family these days. Maybe you're not one to notice or care all that much but it's been weighing on my brain and let's face it...there's only so much that fits up there these days! 

It all started with a conversation I had with a local blogger momma about featuring our kiddos. Since then it's been reinforced by a couple other moms I respect and some of my peers in the industry. Let's just say this was an "aha" moment for me.

Anyway, back to the story. I mentioned to my friend how she never showed her children's faces on her blog. She prefaced it by saying that she felt there was no wrong or right in doing so but that it was a conversation she had with her husband in terms of privacy and safety.

My first thought was, "Yeah, privacy is pretty much out the door. What you mean safety?"

She responded by telling me they both felt that by exposing their children's faces + names on her blog frequently, they could potentially be putting them in danger as they get older with all the creepy people that exist in the world today. People that could potentially call them by name and invite them in their car or whatever bizarre things crazy people do.

This is where my "aha" moment kicked in. I, too was shocked and disappointed with how selfish I had been. I, too wanted to protect my children more and was gobsmacked at how dumb I had been! It was that moment that I shifted my content to revolve around my sartorial side (which meant more work for me) and on the decor/entertaining aspects of my life.

My husband often remarks on how he misses my old blog content featuring our family, kids and travel. In some ways, I do, too. (hey husband...let's book another vacation!) You'll still see my kids' faces on here once in awhile because let's face it...they're pretty darn cute if I do say so myself...just not as much.

Truth is, I am doing it for my family and because I want to continue this journey. I hope you'll continue with me. It was a challenging decision in that I like to be real and write from the heart but I feel it is for the best. Like I said, that content isn't gone for good; I'm just limiting the frequency. I know that this philosophy does not apply to all bloggers and for that I bear no judgement. It's simply our family's decision moving forward.

If you're new...welcome! If you're a long-time reader...thank you for being there every step of the way. You all inspire me to create more daily! xo