101 fashion bloopers - behind the camera lens.

Shocking as you may find this...I am not a model by any means. I know. I know. You'd never know I am a suburban mom. Believe me, I fool many-a-people. But in all seriousness, if you can't have a laugh at yourself than who can you laugh at? 

I present you the first of, what I can only assume, many fashion blooper posts. These are the photos that get trashed immediately for reasons...well...it's pretty obvious. See below.

I called this "scared shitless".  Actually, the truth is a siren went off when we took these and my photog caught my face on film. This is also the face I make when my husband pours the last of the pinot noir into his glass without sharing.

I swear I wasn't urinating on this brick wall. Years of ballet - they don't call me "Grace" for nothing!

Basically I'm just hangry. Hungry + angry = resting bitch face. This is it. 

Not sure much needs to be said here. I think my photog said I had lipstick on my teeth which yields a chimpanzee moment for me. Gaaah, that husband of mine is a lucky guy.

It appears an "f bomb" is about to leave my mouth. Not a first nor a last. Read: I swear like a sailor.

I eat my hair A LOT when shooting these. At least I won't be hangry.

You want me to do what in the grass? Relax? Am I laying in dog crap? I know I am...if there is crap on this dress...

Damn suburban wind. And that wascally wabbit...my face resembles Elmer Fudd. What is going on here?

Just not a pretty photo. Nope. Not at all. I need BOTOX like a year ago. Evidence proven above.

This is what I look like before coffee in the mornings. Truly. Very similar to "Hangry Johanna". I takes about 2.5 cups for my eyes to fully open. My husband still doesn't know what color my eyes are. Kidding! If I take 15 snaps for an outfit post...10 of them are with eyes closed. I swear. My lipstick looks good though. I am gonna keep wearing that shade!

Hope this made your Monday morning a little funnier, a little less serious and most of all, I hope you know that us fashion bloggers are just like everyone else...not anywhere near perfect!

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