#MBFW Day 2 favorites.

You read my #MBFW Day 1 recap here. Today is all about Day 2. Which seems like a blur looking back. Errr maybe that was the champagne speaking.

We kicked off the morning with Carmen Marc Valvo. It was elegant. Refined. Luxurious. 

I would share all the ethereal, beautifully structured pieces however this is what it looks like when you are shooting from an iPhone and NOT in the front row...


While I was not socialite status, I still had great views and left thoroughly "wow'd". It was really beautiful plus I had another celebrity sighting. None other than THE Robert Verdi, natch.

robert verdi.jpeg

Hey Robert in the second row! See you at the VIP lounge, yo.

group shot.jpg

This shot is one of my favorites because we are such a colorful crew. Plus we still look somewhat fresh given the sweltering heat. Not an easy feat. I mean, Janet is a trooper and a slave to fashion for sporting that leather coat. I bow down.

Next on the docket: Nicole Miller. One of the most memorable shows of Day 2. Just fantastic and a true tribute to Brazil which made it hard for me not to stand up and clap. It was pure nostalgia and made me long for beach walks in Ipanema again.

I mean, that first skirt, right? Just sick. I wanted everything in this collection which is a rare occurrence for me. Just wow. Maj love. Can't say enough. I told you the crop top was alive and well.


Then we took a little break to observe the madness that is the Lincoln Center during Fashion Week. It is art imitating life. Or is it the other way around?


You never know who is going to be taking your pic. Pervs included.

Quick heel changes and some hydration led us back to the tents in the afternoon for Charlotte Ronson's presentation. But first...

shark tank.jpg

...let's grab a few shots with Daymond John from Shark Tank. Like you wouldn't...! Jen and I elbowed our way through the entourage of photogs and pretty women to grab this shot. He was extremely polite. 

feet rest.jpg

And then I had to rest my feet because I wanted to rip my shoes off and throw them at the next all black-clad PR girl who told me I had to wait in line. It's a little unnerving when you've been on your feet all day but such is the life of a fashionista.

On to Charlotte Ronson.

charlotte ronson.jpg

Think delicate accents like ruffles and more floral with a heavy dose of pastel. Makes me think of this infamous line from Devil Wears Prada:

“Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.” - Miranda Priestly

I don't hate it. But I do hate the white teva/birkenstock look. You will NEVER see those on my feet.

And that's a wrap, folks. Another day in the books. Another blister to treat. Another glass of bubbles to gulp down. Another iPhone dead. Good night Lincoln Center.

Stay tuned for Day 3 next week!

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* Photography by Olya Tsoi