NYC: Day 1

This is the girls' trip that keeps on living. We've been texting each other and sharing photos since we returned...even planning a reunion of sorts. It was that good. So why not immortalize it forever? And that's just what I'm gonna do so get ready for a recap of sorts this week and the next but I promise you it won't be boring because these girls are anything but. That is for certain!

Here's my outfit from day 1:

Gorgeous weather awaited our arrival...walking weather that is! We sipped coffee, rose', slugged oysters and perused the shops. There's nothing like the energy that NYC brings after you've been away for sooo long. For me it was two veryyy long years!

The designer collections were on point. If I had a billion dollars to would be at Gucci and Valentino. Hands down. These bags were customizable and we spent a good bit of time drooling over the counter at all the different options. <that poor salesman>


Don't get me started on this season's Rockstud. I am completely obsessed with the pebbled leather and the soft ballet pink tones. It's on my list. Just a cool $1245. No bigs. Santa are you out there?

Dinner was at the northern Italian newbie, Santina located in the Meatpacking. We feasted on grilled octopus, amazing salads, branzino and copious cocktails. It was cozy, quaint and full of color. Just fabulous. <I like to think we gave it a bit more color by our hilarious banter but that's private girl talk, ya know?>

Two of my favorite babes: Jen + Marcy. Jen was our birthday girl, too! Really, the catalyst for this NYC trip. Such a great group of women pulling from almost every coast!

You always need a great group shot, right? Here's our squad! I love how unique everyone's style is. It's quite telling of the diverse personalities that meshed so well together. Friendship is a lot like's hard to jump into the pool but when you find your soul dive head first!

Pictured above: Marcy, Jen, me, Jen, Helen.

My entire outfit is from Boohoo. I'm obsessed with it. So chic and all tribute to New York. I was comfortable all night and the pants are super slimming. Shop the entire look below. See ya on Day 2!