Surviving #NYFW - 20 insider tips.

This, by far, was my favorite #NYFW I've ever attended. I left feeling inspired, creatively recharged and ready to share some best practices in surviving what is considered the most important week of the year in the fashion world. 

Here's 20 tips to help you get the most out of Fashion Week:

  • Fashion Week is not for the meek. Be aggressive, hold your head up high and pretend like you belong there.
  • You can see any designer you want...ask for standing room. They have to fill those empty seats eventually. I sat third row for Mara Hoffman just behind Nigel Barker.
  • Bring multiple cameras and chargers. Plan on your battery dying rapidly BUT they do have lounges and charging stations. We live in a world of social media.
  • Complimenting the above point, use the correct #hashtags. It's trending heavily on every platform you can think of. #duh
  • Go BOLD! Bring your brightest shoes, that crazy print, your favorite neon clutch...the more eye-catching the piece the greater chance you increase being interviewed or photographed.
  • Introduce yourself! I met hundreds of bloggers that I've been following all year. Hand out your cards and connect!
  • Bring flats or book your hotel stay here. We stayed across the street from Lincoln Center which meant quick outfit changes, 15 minute naps, a cocktail and even a pair of flats were within arm's reach.  
  • Staring is totally permissible. So are compliments.
  • Practice your stance and know your good side. You never know who is taking your photo at any given time.
  • Pack a small pouch of mints, bandaids, a comb, lipstick and face blotters. You'll need all five if not at the same time.
  • Get crafty.  No means yes. If I took a no for every time I was told I couldn't get in a show, I wouldn't have seen anyone.
  • Do your homework. Get the schedule early and start reaching out to PR firms via email. They will respond with confirmations and give you QR codes to get into the shows.
  • Don't be rude. You'd be surprised how much a smile and a cordial greeting can do for you. We all want to see Rebecca Taylor, trust me.
  • Plan on crazy temps. It was in the 90's with what felt like 100% humidity. Don't bring your new wool cape and leather pants if you are going to pass out in line...cuz there's a lot of lines.
  • Hydrate and eat. You'd be surprised how exhausting standing in line in 5" heels can be. Passing out is so passe`.
  • Don't skip the presentations. Some of the most inspiring pieces I saw were not strutting down a runway.
  • Don't get #overserved and don't start too early. Empty stomach + extreme heat + too much champagne = not pretty.
  • Learn how to hail a cab New York style. Or you will be the last girl to get home. Elbows people!
  • Pay attention to the details. If you're too busy on your phone, you'll never catch the amazing pleats in that maxi skirt or the gorgeous butterfly print on that top!
  • Bring your best travel companions. I attend this year with Jen and Janet and it was a riot. We laughed, talked for hours, cheered each other on with every show we got in, spooned each other and most importantly, helped dress each other for the day's activities. I love these girls.

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