NYC: Day 3

If you think this is a group that is okay disconnecting from devices; you'd be sorely mistaken. We were, indeed, those annoying chicks across the street snapping pictures...constantly. Ahhhh hey, you only live once. Speaking of - catch my Day 1 and Day 2 recaps!

Our final day in the Big Apple was spent WALKING. Like a ton. I am so glad I brought stylish sneakers. We kicked off the day with a gorgeous, Italian lunch at Da Silvano. I guess they enjoyed our lively banter because the owner offered up a bottle of prosecco to wash down the copious amount of food we ordered. Personality gets you places, my friends!

More coffee ensued because let's be honest...I don't regularly stay up until 2am eating BBQ potato chips often. Which, by the way, is an excellent idea after drinking. I miss that New York coffee, dammit! Starbucks seems really gross once you've had the good stuff. 

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Every corner tells a story in this city which is why I've had a hard-on for it over the last decade. As a matter of fact, my husband is there right now on business and all I kept telling him is..."Go take a walk, seriously. You will feel so inspired and energized." <insert eye roll>

More of our collective iPhone snaps below.

Jen's birthday dinner was at the scene-y spot, Vandal. It's the 2016 version of Gossip Girl with a slightly more mature audience...slightly. Jen wanted us to wear red because it's her favorite color and she was the birthday girl, after all. We were happy to oblige. The comments and feedback were funny. People kept asking us what was up with the red theme? I like to call it #SquadGoals.

Eccentric artwork abound in this resto and I was delighted that the food was equally as good. My favorite? Duck confit tamales. Yaasssssss!

Oh? Us? Yeah, more pictures. Wine does that to this group! My dress is from BooHoo and a little out of my wheelhouse but I ended up falling for it because it's such a departure from my work/mom routine and sometimes that's nice.

PS | It's $35!

Closing out on an epic weekend with so much love for these girls and my favorite city. I sincerely hope I don't have to wait another three years to enjoy a girls' weekend again. They are truly the cheese to my macaroni. Everyone should be as fortunate to have friendships like these...and I am not saying that in a braggadocious manner. #grateful

Pictured above: MarcymeJenHelen.

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