#MBFW Day 3 favorites.

Rounding out my #NYFW experience with the final recap...Day 3. (Day 2 recap here) I apologize for the delay in posting today. Truth is, I'm tired. 70-hour work weeks will do that to you. Anyhoo, FASHION - let's discuss.

We kicked off the morning early for Lie Sangbong. (not easy when dehydration levels run high and caffeine levels are low) Lie Sangbong was new to me.

By the time we walked out of the hotel that morning, it was 98 degrees. I swear. Which is why I so smartly wore a tweed suit. Observe.

See...smart. Not hot at all.

This show was imaginative, feminine...basically like being in a dream-like state. The prints were impressive to say the least. We could not find a single seam on his pieces which meant if the dress was a butterfly print - it was one seamless design. Beautiful craftsmanship with a saturation of aquas and tough details like armor breastplates. #whoa.

Even the runway was a hallucinogenic dream. Nothing was overlooked.

Apres Lie, we went for a quick change of jackets because we was burning up. These are first world problems, people. Due to this unforeseen heat wave, we ended up getting some fun shots outside Lincoln Center.

Next on the agenda, Mara Hoffman. This was such a delightful, whimsical end to our Fashion Week experience. It was colorful and just plain fun! I love that Mara doesn't follow trends but instead designs based on what she's feeling that season. It was utterly refreshing.

See what I mean? Just a big ol' dose of sunshine.

Our final fete was the RewardStyle party which was a feast for the eyes - roof deck style. Great vendors and an even better opportunity to connect with bloggers we admire and had never met face-to-face. Plus we got to meet up with our girl, Zahra.

This is the part where we drank copius amounts of prosecco. I blame the heat.

Who doesn't love a good step & repeat? P/S Still dying of humidity here.

The end.

Hasta la pasta, New York City. You inspire me every.single.time. My final #NYFW week installment will be an in-depth guide to RSVP'ing for shows coupled with some tricks of the trade. (read: how to fool fashion security)

Have a great weekend!

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* Photography by Olya Tsoi