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The blazer I can't leave home without.

I remember reading fashion mags growing up and elite celebrities, style mavens, socialites and models would share their one key closet staple which was typically a classic, white button down shirt or a strong, tailored blazer. And I remember thinking to myself as I rolled my eyes, "How boring." Fast forward 20 years later and I have become that girl. 

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Tie it with a bow.

I've had this top for awhile and had to get some slight alterations. Read: I do not have a chest at ALL! Now that it fits, I truly love it. You guys, it's $11. No joke.

It looks super chic and date night ready with a pair of liquid leggings or leather pants and equally perfect with your favorite blue jeans. I wore this for a weekend city lunch because the spirit moved me but I knew I was going to be with kids.

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My new favorite dress.

I referenced Lolla earlier this week and today I'm sharing what I actually wore. This dress has become a fast favorite. I adore the ruffles. It's girlie but universal enough to wear for everyday and as the heat index gave way...I was cool as a cucumber. I realize that sneaks aren't the most obvious choice, and in some ways I didn't care all that much because I knew I was going to get trampled, but now that I think of it -- they kind of work!

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NYC: Day 2

Day 2 of NYC. Slightly dehydrated but happy nonetheless! (Day 1 recap found here) We woke up on the later side of the morning, bed head included, and showered up for an iconic lunch at Bergdorf's. Oh the people watching! I've never seen so many tightly pulled, blonde women in one, central location. Hilarious. 

Much to my surprise, lunch was positively fabulous. After I inhaled a crab sandwich and a cappuccino...I started to feel like myself again. And slightly more hydrated. Always a plus.

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Monday's are so hard for me. I really get the blues. Instead of mourning the start of a new work week, I've decided to embrace Monday's by reaching for Fall statement + comfort pieces. Cozy makes life more doable. And as my husband's busy season kicks off, easy sounds good as he often gets home pretty late in the evening. Not his preference or ours but it makes me admire single parents all the more. Being a working parent is not easy but you do it for your kids...for a better life.

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