Superhero status.

Capes definitely give you superhero status. I should know, this T&J Designs version gives me wings! It's also a sure fire way to dress up even the most basic of basics because let's face it...winter weather and a lack of fashion inspiration have officially arrived in Chicago. <cue the eye roll>

My top is a Zara basic that I scooped up whilst in New York. It's great under suits, alone or under itchy sweaters. You can add a cami or if you're feeling a bit daring...go without! Just make sure your bra doesn't have a big pink bow in the center like mine. Whoops. 

This sequins cape comes in black, too if you want even more versatility. Me...I'm a golden girl all the way!

The rest of my outfit most definitely lives within all of our closets. A simple nude heel <again> and distressed denim. What could be easier? I venture to say you could walk into just about any holiday party with this outfit, too. Superhero status, indeed!

Shop my exact outfit below: