Fa la la la La Croix!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am rarely without a can of LaCroix in hand save for the hours of 5-9am when I am chugging back coffee and slapping myself awake. What you don't know is that I literally grew up on LaCroix. My parents didn't allow any pop in our house so the only way we could scratch that itch was by gulping down cans of flavored sparkling water. 

In hindsight, it was a fabulous habit to enforce and now one of my daughters walks around with her own LaCroix. Yes, she's four years old and it could appear a bit ridiculous but hey...I know how to get her to consume more water!

These little cans are void of sweeteners, calories or sodium so when I tell you I plow throw them...I'm not kidding! Well, this season they launched their Holiday Variety Pack which may or may not have evoked a little happy dance from yours truly. I mean, the packaging alone is a color lover's dream. The pack houses three of my favorite flavors: cran-rasberry, berry and tangerine. 

P/S: Dear LaCroix...can you please add coconut next year? Just sayin...

Pick up the Holiday Variety Pack at your local Mariano's and share a smile with the gift of LaCroix. This year we'll be gifting smiles to all our hostesses who've so graciously invited us into their homes for the holidays, our mailman, our nanny, our neighbors...anyone and everyone that helps my family throughout the year. From shoveling sidewalks to baking cookies for us - no good deed goes unnoticed! 

That's one habit you'll never regret taking up! Who will you gift a smile to this season?

Get festive with my outfit, too!