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Celebrating friendship with 12 Friends.

Sometimes we need a second to celebrate the ordinary, everyday moments. You know, like hi-5'ing yourself for waking up and getting dressed. Or is that just me? In all seriousness, I often have these fleeting moments of gratitude and I think to can I express this in a thoughtful way to the people who matter most?

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Father's Day Shopping with Woodfield Mall!

I've partnered with Woodfield Mall again but this time the focus has slightly shifted...we're talking all things DAD! Yes...even dear old dad deserves a day to himself. <don't we all?> The girls and I headed out last weekend to get our shop on and shopping we did, indeed, accomplish. Might I add that we took several 100 breaks for various reasons ranging from the bathroom to snacks to toy stores and beyond BUT we completed our mission.

Note to self: Train daughters to build some shopping stamina!

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Pucker up, buttercup!

People often joke that Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday. By and large…it is but why not enjoy it for what it is? I've never met a gal who didn't swoon over pink and red accessories or, for that matter, a guy who didn't enjoy the excuse to eat a fancy dinner out. Like I said, what's not to love?

Well, pucker up buttercup because I took my clan to Woodfield Mall last weekend to round up a quick and easy gifting guide for the ladies and the gents. My oh-so-helpful assistants were on a mission to make everyone happy at just about every price point. <Starbucks' cake pops sweetened the deal>

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