Shop Woodfield Mall for Mother's Day!

One of my favorite things about Mother's Day is shopping for it! It's a rare moment that I am sans children and can take my time perusing different stores without the pressure of finding a bathroom, a snack or having someone complain about walking too far. Yes folks, the struggle is real. Toddler life is HARD!

This week was a different story. I had the opportunity to spend three glorious hours all to myself and it was AMAZING. I grew up shopping at Woodfield Mall which has more stores than you could humanly visit in three hours but that's beside the point. It was uninterrupted shopping which is a gift in and of itself! I visited stores that I had never even heard og which was slightly distracting as the task at hand was: find mom a gift for Sunday. Oops!

I'm not going to share what I bought her because she is one of my biggest blog fans BUT let's just say I'd take one for myself, too! With over 300 retailers, it was hard to make a decision. Favorite Mother's Day storefronts included Arhaus Furniture, White Barn Candle Co., Columbia Sportswear, SIX:02, Altar’d State, Vera Bradley and Tumi. 

Really - I could spend days there. I'm up for the challenge.

Quite possibly the best part about my excursion was running into fellow blogger friend, Anna! We had an opportunity to catch up, take suggestions and finish our day with a big ol' margarita @ Kinfork - a new dining destination which is utterly adorable. 

I'd have to say - I really like the way this Mother's Day is shaping up. I hope you have an amazing weekend with your family and don't forget to head to Woodfield Mall for all of your last minute shopping needs! #TGIF #FoundatWoodfieldMall #WeHeartMom

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