Derby style.

When your friend asks you to participate in a Derby shoot and your only requirement is to find a fancy dress and a big floppy oblige. It gets better. You daintly sip Stella Artois Cidre with seven of your favorite pals over a delectable lunch at one of Chicago's hottest spots - Fig and Olive. The answer is yes! yes! yes!

Not a bad way to kill your lunch break on a Thursday. Just sayin!

The food, in a word, amazing! And colorful! And perfectly Spring-y!

Plenty of laughs were had as we tried to "appear" ladylike on Oak Street with the wind whipping our dresses up over our heads. No big deal. We do this allllll the time. (so not model material!) It was a blast though and who doesn't like fancy dresses and hats all in the name of the Kentucky Derby?

I had to share despite the races taking place on Saturday. Too much color makes it too good not to share! Happy Monday!

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