2016 learnings + epiphanies.


Do you remember 2015's learnings? Me neither! Funny how some things remain the same yet so much has changed. I feel like this list is a little cranky but I really spoke authentically. 2016 was a great year but it had its challenges. I'm actually a bit exhausted from learning so I'm using this last week to recharge my batteries...hence the blog silence. I just need a break from pictures and pressure - truthfully. On the positive front; this has been a great year for family. We have had so much fun and I feel blessed that I have them to keep me grounded. We all need that don't we?

Here are my thoughts on the past 365 days...

(in no apparent order and still based on my opinion only)

  1. Bluetooth in your car is a game changer. (can you tell how long it's been since I've driven a new car; not used?)
  2. I never knew the word "approximately" had a slot in my daily conversations with my kindergartner. The frequency at which she uses this word is unbelievable.
  3. Such is the case for "appropriate", too. Lola is very fond of this word. 
  4. My body is changing yet again...aging just sucks.
  5. Remembering passwords to the various sites I use is literally the most challenging task in my life.
  6. It's important to take social media cleanses. Life isn't always that styled.
  7. I think five is my favorite age. I changed my mind.
  8. Olivia wants to be a pop star when she grows up. I'm cool with that.
  9. Lola wants to be a mom. Also cool with that.
  10. My husband has a burning desire to organize every aspect of our house. I do not. At all.
  11. A girls' trip really restores my sanity. I need one annually.
  12. I still don't think I love yoga. I don't get it.
  13. I told you Snapchat was on its way out. Hello IG stories!
  14. This was an interesting year for friendships. Some suffered and I am not sure why while others flourished. It's exhausting to figure out so I just move forward.
  15. Honesty is a precious commodity that not everyone appreciates.
  16. My brother is spoiled. Baggage? What baggage?
  17. I also love my brother and I think he is a fabulous uncle. (see above)
  18. There are a lot more people in unhappy marriages than happy marriages. Marriage takes work and mine is not perfect but gosh, what an eye opener this year has been.
  19. I am grateful. (see above)
  20. I think my kids are hip to Elf on a Shelf.
  21. It's time I invest in new bras. 
  22. I need a boob lift. Stat.
  23. There are a lot of bullshitters out there who talk big game but really suck at their job.
  24. My husband is amazing. He's an excellent father and partner. My kids would be eating buttered noodles everyday with cavities if it weren't for him. (maybe a little extreme, I realize.)
  25. Be careful what you ask for! I told my husband I wanted him to be more honest with his feelings this year and share them in real time. Well...that happened. Woof!
  26. I need a cure for snoring. I. Cannot. Handle. It. Anymore.
  27. It's possible to disagree in the work setting and still respect the hell out of someone.
  28. Instagram: YES....the algorithms are changing and NO....you are not the only one affected. It's only going to get worse people!
  29. Perception is reality. I've really tried to reserve judgement this year. My biggest wish is that everyone would try to do the same this coming year because you really don't know what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes.
  30. Some people are ALWAYS right. Always.
  31. Aren't you so glad the election is over? Sweet Jesus.
  32. We are still not Cubs fans despite the win. We are Chicago fans so no, we are not thrilled.
  33. Time is money, honey. (at least for work) I do not need another cup of coffee...for reals.
  34. I really love Olivia's kindergarten class and school. You have no idea what a relief that is. 
  35. I think I'm going to keep my Fearless Friday series. That seemed to work. What do you guys think? Any suggestions?
  36. You know you look the part when you don't get carded at the grocery store anymore. Sad face.
  37. I cannot keep up blogging 5x's a week any longer. I hope you'll stick with me. I am treading water with work.
  38. I am very excited about upcoming blog projects for 2017.
  39. You know who has the best attitude? Valet guys. Man, they are so cheerful. We should all take a page out of their book.
  40. I am sad about George Michael, Prince and so many more. Gosh, I grew up with these artists...or at least it felt like it.
  41. I am proud of what Oak Street Social has accomplished this year. This was a year of growth!

Happy New Year's, guys. Make this one count.

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