The best of intentions.

A fresh start. A clean slate. I love the promise of a new year. For me, it's equivalent to a freshly laundered bed. Jump in and cozy up because we've got 362 days left of opportunity. And while it's easy to get burnt out in marriage, work, in parenting, in friendship, in blogging...taking time off provided me perspective. With that, my first post of the year!

I don't believe in resolutions. I ALWAYS break them. Without a doubt. But I do believe in strong intentions - so today, I want to share five intentions that I believe will help me live a happier life in 2017. Some may seem trite but I happen to think it's the small things that snowball into one great thing. In this case...happiness.

  1. Drink a glass of hot water with lemon every morning. It's really simple, flush out the toxins (especially this past holiday - woof!) and regulate my body. Coffee can wait.
  2. Resist the urge to be at everyone's beck and call. This falls into the work bucket. Simply put - if taking a call on the weekends or evenings mean I take time away from my spouse or children - it's not a good option. I am working really hard to disengage and not create a habit of enabling clients to demand my time off the clock.
  3. Work out with a friend. I'm generally a lone wolf in the fitness arena but I think it would be fun to try out some of these new, wacky classes and sweat collaboratively. Perhaps it's the multi-tasker in me - QT with my girls and crushing calories. Sounds good right?
  4. Spread my friendship wings. There are some really great people that I'd like to get to know better in 2017. Some in my own backyard. Genuine people that are uplifting and perhaps, may need a little uplifting themselves. I'd like to be that person for them.
  5. Communicate better. I often shut down with stress or stare blindly at my screen. Instead, I should put my work down and get a good night's sleep. I could work on my approach with people, too. Perhaps a combination of both will allow me to build stronger relationships with my family, friends and my clients. I think this is the toughest of them all!

Five intentions...right there. Some are really hard for me but I think if I am cognizant of them, good habits will form and replace the old behaviors. 

Do you set intentions or resolutions? I'd love to hear! Happy New Year!


Photography by Sed Bona

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