Merry Medieval Times!

If you're looking for something fun to do with the family, I've got you covered! My clan and I recently had the pleasure of taking a trip to Medieval Times Chicago. Three of us had never been but I knew what was in store. Just a short stint from our house, we made a day of our excursion which might I add - completely tuckered out the little ones just in time for bed. Perfect timing for a giant glass of pinot noir come 8:00pm sharp!

Medieval Times is really an interactive experience complete with gift shops, a live show, hands on dining and of course, cheering. My kiddos are 5 + 4 years old which is the perfect age for them to participate. This includes cheering on "the bad guys" and eating with their hands. Yes, that was a hit! Who doesn't like shredding a turkey leg and warm bread?

The show begins when lunch or dinner is served which means you don't have to worry about entertaining your guests. My girls were enthralled with the princess and very aware of our team colors when it came to the pseudo battles. Expect falconry, beautiful horses and finally, a jousting competition with some rather honed acting skills. 

I think we won "Coolest Parents Award" that day. It was over the following day, sadly.

Don't forget the selfies. What did you expect from me...c'mon!

The entire show is housed in a giant, medieval castle that has all the makings of a Game of Thrones episode. Heck, even the food is themed from dragon's blood and beyond! Every staff member is in character, too.

If you're looking for a break from the cold, and it is here rather early this year, I highly recommend this interactive, fun outing for the family. They can entertain large groups as well. Everyone loves an opportunity to get rowdy and boisterous...let's be honest. 

P/S Parents: alcohol is served! Happy Friday!

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