Cold beer.

I used to think the city was the only destination to grab inspiring photo backdrops for blog posts. That was a misconception. Because really, inspiration is all around us; you just have to look for it. 

My husband scouted this old liquor store signage and I must say, he knows me well. In fact, he nailed it. 

"Sometimes the best laid plans go astray..." which is a slight variation of the original quote but you get the gist. We stopped, parked, shot and drove away for a big Mexican lunch with the kids. 

P/S I love the movement in this top. If you catch the right breeze, it's a very Gone With the Wind moment.

Yup, you guessed favorite Faryl Robin Shooties are back again.

Happy Hump Day friends. Wednesday's always sneak up on me but they're quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. Halfway there means you've made it in my books!

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