6 pairs of shoes every woman needs.

"If I ever let my head down, it will be just to admire my shoes." -unknown

Ever since I was a tiny girl, I've always had a strong love affair with shoes. They transform an outfit in mere seconds. They elevate your height and your spirits with one buckle. They support you on the heaviest days and give you extra pep in your step on the best of days.

And more importantly: they always fit no matter what!

While it's true, I'm a fickle feathered fashion friend, my shoe staples remain in neat little boxes lining my soon-to-be-remodeled closet. Yes friends, I take care of my precious commodities just like I do my darling daughters. And for that...I'm sharing my top 6 pairs that every woman, every fashionista, should own... 

Pen ready? Better yet...plastic of choice ready?

Fela Heels - This is my Friday shoe when I'm feelin' fab. As a true color lover, I always throw these on with white denim and a simple tank. I like to let my heels do the talkin' and I always, always, always receive compliments on this plaid pair. Bonus: I can wear them all night and the heel is totally doable. No pain whatsoever! Heck, I've even carried a toddler in these!

Claremont Criss Cross Sandal - This is my market shoe. I slide these on for errand-running but only in my most frayed pair of denim shorts. Always. The insole is mega cushioned which gives my poor walkers a little break after a week of gliding around the city in heels. I love the leopard print as a subtle nod to my hippie days. Still got it!

Teresa Heels - This is my ladylike shoe. Think flouncy, flirty, white skirts and daywear. I have a great, white shift dress that I wear to meetings on the regular and I frequently select the Teresa heels to finish off the look. The details are what get me: the basket-weave toe, the speckled ankle strap and insole and the thick block heel. I promise you these will never go out of style. Just like Taylor Swift.

Fritz Slingback - Out of all the pairs I'm sharing today, by far and away, I receive the most compliments on this pair. This is my "everywhere" pair. Under skinny denim, with cutoffs...you name it - this is a multi-tasking flat. They look equally fantastic with a basic shirt dress. The slingback strap has a thin elastic piece which prevents them from digging into your achilles after hours of wear and the slight wedge gives me a little height which I desperately crave. Let's be honest, you need a good neutral flat..period. This pair is decidedly feminine.

Freefall Flat - This is my fashion forward flat because I love a good pointed toe. Unbeknownst to many, pointy toe flats don't always look great on. Not the case here. The soft calf hair with tribal print makes for a fun accent and I love the suede lace ups. Perhaps it's a result of my ballet days but lace ups are my jam. Bonus: The more you wear them, the more comfortable they get. Think slippers. Literally.

Sita Shooties - This is my only pair of sassy shooties. I must tell you, you have to try these on. They come in a charcoal black, too. They look super rad with...yep, cutoffs as exhibited here when I wore them for Mexican this past Sunday. I had no idea I'd love them as much as I do. Frankly, they're kind of bad ass and what mom doesn't want to be a bad ass? Don't answer that...but I DO for the record. Bonus: They are also sooo comfortable. After five trips to the bathroom and multiple sets of stairs with my nuggets in tow; I didn't want to yank them off my feet and throw flip flops on. (Why do Mexican restaurants always have so many stairs?)

Like what you see? Well then get your shop on, buckaroo...found at FreePeople + Anthropologie + below: