Wednesday loves.


Good morning beauties! How are you? Staying cozy? I just finished a holiday video on getting ready for a glam night out. So fun...which put me in the mood for holiday ensembles. Shoes specifically.

Check out these six beauties that will have you swooning under the mistletoe. Each pair is positively to die for and all but one pair is completely budget friendly. <I promise it's a fabulous investment> Just click your heels three times and say, "There's nothing like a new pair of heels." Voíla! They will appear magically on your doorstep. #yourewelcome

  1. Santa baby, yes to these red patent beauties!
  2. All the glitter and then some.
  3. Ombre heels, what the what?
  4. An investment but so gorge!
  5. Obsessed, no words for these magical unicorns.
  6. Add a little pom pom in your step.

Happy shopping! xo

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