Pleasantly petite.

Being petite has it's challenges. I're probably rolling your eyes but I have to tell you that length and cut are everything on a small frame or it appears that you're clothes are swallowing you alive. The result? A really unflattering profile and a complete lack of confidence. 

It's one thing to tailor a bridesmaid dress; it's another to have to tailor the basics. One reason that I am very thankful for Allison Izu's reinvention of the basics...elevated basics.

Founder, designer and a working mom of two, Allison Izu Song graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.  While in school, she discovered that clothing was designed with a 5’10” fit model in mind.  Being 5’2”, she made it her mission to create clothing to fit and flatter her petite body frame, thus Allison Izu was established in 2007. Her notable successes include being featured (as the solution to petite jeans problems) in Oprah Magazine in 2010, as well as highlights in Lucky Magazine, The Denim Blog, Refinery29, and more.

I love this top for the unique cuts, draping and minimalist color palette. It is literally the THE perfect weekday top to throw on for meetings and the like. To me, it's the equivalent of wearing sweat pants...but on top! 

And the rest? Well, let's just say her motto is the epitome of my style sense. Elevating the basics with a punch of color...something unexpected. Stay tuned for Wednesday's style post featuring a pair of Allison Izu trousers that every female needs in her closet. We're talking major comfort!

Allison Izu is currently sold at Von Maur department stores.

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