Ahhhh Sunday...why do you leave us so soon? Every Sunday I wake up with the anticipation of a fun, family day which generally comes to fruition...but Sunday, why do you end so quickly?

Monday...we meet again. I think every Monday should kick off with a pink wall. It's the equivalent of a grande bold roast coffee if you ask me!

It's maxi season again. I snagged this one with the braided waist details on a trip to grab the girls new pjs. Funny how that works? 

Honestly, I want to go back and scoop up the other colors. The fit is perfect for my 5'2 frame which is not always the case with all maxi dresses. Generally, I feel like Pig Pen dragging my blanket around because I'm so short. 

Funny story about these fringe sandals. I bought them about two years ago and was about to list them on my Poshmark account when I saw that fringe was all the rage again this Summer. 

I guess I'll keep 'em! Hope your Monday is sunny and painless. Cheers!

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