SoCozy Hair.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SoCozy. All opinions are my own and not edited by the sponsor.

My girls were fortunate to have inherited my husband's lush, wavy hair. Which also means I have the good fortune of chasing after them with a brush in hand every morning as I try to detangle snarls and style their hair for the day. Oh the fun we have! That changed when SoCozy showed up on our doorstep. (found at

My family was sent the entire SoCozy collection to try out. They must have known that I was working up a sweat in the bathroom. I have to tell you that I will never purchase my former kiddo shampoo/conditioner of choice every again. Here's why...

First off - the scents are amazing. Olivia chose the Mango Cinch Shampoo + Conditioner + Body wash. (we're into mangoes these days) She smelled so good that I wanted to eat her. Tell me other moms say this kinda stuff out loud or is it just me? It's not over-powering and it rinses out uber quick which is key because someone is always complaining about soap in their eyes!

Lola chose the Guava Cinch Shampoo + Body Wash. It's hard to say which one I like better, however; both girls audibly said, "Mmmmmm" so I'm thinking we have a real winner here. 

Second - SoCozy products are non-toxic and made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic color, propylene glycol, gluten, wheat or nuts. These things are important to me as I'm trying educate myself more on the harsh-hard-to-pronounce chemicals found in so much of our daily lives.

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Next up - the Detangler. I've tried them in the past and never really saw a difference. We love the SoCozy Detangler because the scent, Tutti Frutti, was a hit and it actually worked! This is going to sound weird but I especially liked the nozzle. It mists your kiddos' hair instead of drenching it. Seconds later, I was gently pulling the comb through with nary a snarl in sight.

Bath time is so successful now that both girls literally asked me to take their picture with said product. #truth. No mom blogger bribery involved.

SoCozy also makes styling tools for all hair types which I love because morning birds' nests require extra strong coffee AND they have Lice Prevention products, too!

Brilliant...another one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" moments! Leave it to a mom to invent genius yet safe products. Moms rule the world!

Disclosure: I received products to review and compensation from SoCozy for this post. My opinion is my own and not edited by SoCozy, please read my Disclosure Policy. Thank you SoCozy!

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