The Best Nude Lip Products!

I haven't converted entirely but I am damn near close. I recently fell in love with nude lips. Matte, of course, so I thought I'd spill the beans and share my recent favorites. Tried and tested by not only myself but my girls, too. Yes, I have cultivated a team of beauty addicts back at the homestead! The oooooh's and ahhhhh's are quite cute.

I reviewed a bevy more but it was either skin tone or texture that I didn't prefer and those are now in the hands of my exotic friends with actual melanin in their skin. If you're Caspar the Friendly Ghost like me, look no further:

  1. Buxom "White Russian"
  2. Bite "Honeycomb"
  3. Urban Decay "1993 Comfort"
  4. Too Faced "Queen B"
  5. Korres "Dark Neutral"
  6. Estee Edit "In the Buff"
  7. Winky Lux "Pippy"
  8. Marc Jacobs "Slow Burn"

Happy Shopping! xo

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