Beauty 411: The Best Sheet Masks

Okay, real talk. I never get to a spa. And that is not a complaint. I'm of the mindset that if I cannot relax at all - why spend the money? Heck, I can barely get through a no-chip manicure without tapping my toes and telling my manicurist to skip the hand massage complete with warm towel aromatherapy. Yeah, I'm that girl. 

The solution you ask? Quick, inexpensive spa therapy at home. All you need is $15. I swear. I've gone through the heavy lifting of trying out many many sheet masks so today - I'm sharing only the ones I truly adore and use on the regular. And by the regular, I am referring to once a week in which my girls and I sit with anticipation as we smell, unwrap and test the mask on my face awaiting the dewy results. Cheap entertainment, I tell ya.

Promise I wouldn't waste your time and P/S - there are amazing deals on Amazon where you can 15 masks at a time. Such a deal. Happy shopping! xo