Going Gluten Free.

It's not uncommon for girlfriends to joke that I am no fun when we eat out or elbow me about eating like a bird. I don't take it personally. The reality is I eat quite a bit but all day long and rarely in one sitting. I eat with intention and I'm very aware of what I am putting in my mouth. This begs the question:

Why did you go gluten free?

Truth of the matter is that I changed my eating habits dramatically two years ago when I amped up my fitness routine and finished having babies. For most of my 38 years of existence on earth, I've dealt with a variety of stomach issues ranging from ulcers to acid reflux to bloating to constipation <yup, I went there> to cramps. After speaking to multiple friends and doing a ton of research online, I self diagnosed myself. I do have an honorary medical degree through WedM.D. you know? Anyway, I chose to cut out dairy and gluten of all types approximately two years ago and more seriously in the last year in an attempt to alleviate my discomfort. It should also be noted that I did not see a physician. I experimented and listened to my body.

Firstly, you should know that I didn't go on a diet. I changed the foods I was consuming. Sure, a bonus was losing a few pounds but the real winner was less bloating, less distended stomach syndrome and way less constipation. It became very clear to me that my body was changing as I was aging and I just couldn't process food the same. This was not a vanity project but a "better way of living" project. And I've been with it for awhile so I would say the idea of it being a shotgun diet or fad has removed itself from the picture. 

Is it hard? Yes. I love pizza and warm bread and cheddar cheese. It's a constant test but if you're thinking of doing it - now is your time. Menus have expanded to include gluten free sections and it's not such an odd request to ask for corn tortillas vs flour. Do I cheat every once in awhile? Sure. I have to tell you though that when I do - it's very painful and I've come to terms that it's just not worth it. 

Your body changes every five years or so no different than your hormones. Metabolism slows down. Personally, I become light headed and cranky when I don't eat throughout the day. I also start to make really bad choices like Starbucks cookies and more coffee. Not good.

What does a typical day look like? What do you eat?

Breakfast Smoothie:

  • 1 cup of Shakeology mix
  • 1 cup of fruit
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of ice
  • 1 tsp. of peanut butter <sometimes>

Snack: a handful of almonds


  • A salad of some sort with a cup of protein <chicken, tuna or salmon>, light dressing, hemp or flax seeds and lots of fresh veggies
  • Cottage cheese and tomato slices

Snack: a couple gluten free rice cakes with peanut butter or an apple with peanut butter

Dinner: <it varies but usually one of the following>

  • Gluten free tortilla with ground turkey or beef and salsa
  • Bunless burger
  • Quinoa bowl with veggies, chicken and/or fish
  • Simple protein with a cup of couscous
  • Veggie noodles and thai dressing: usually zucchini, cabbage, green onion and carrots
  • Tilapia or salmon with steamed veggies
    • when I cook I usually use avocado or grape seed oils and a lot of spices

Snack: a handful of peanuts 

Alcohol: I try to stick to Thursday, Friday and Saturday only and it's usually in the form of red wine.

Are you think of going gluten free? Any favorite recipes to share?