Palm Sunday.

There's nothing better than Summer dressin'. It's infinitely easier to get dressed...don't you think? Less clothing makes everyone happier I suppose. Men included!

The same rules apply for your accessories. K.I.S.S. = keep it simple, sweetie (we'll leave the stupid out)

I am crazy for palm print this Summer. Something about that vibrant green! The best thing about rompers is the ability to go from casual to dressy with a simple change of shoes. Easy as that!

In between clouds, we grabbed the sun and shot this post. I don't think Chicago has gotten the memo about it being Summer. Hello!

It's funny that we all work like dogs during the week until the weekend rolls around and it's all but dodging raindrops. Ahhh...the Midwest! Thankfully we managed some outdoor time and grilled out for dinner. Family dinner outdoors is literally the highlight of our Sunday. 

Hope your weekend was fantastic! Shop my outfit below: