Cafe style.

The trend continues. Can't stop, won't stop! 

This weekend we tried on bathing suits and summer clothes in preparation for our trip. Naturally, it started to snow in Chicago simultaneously. And yes, it's April. Just putting it out there that I just remarked to my mom this week that I thought we'd seen the last of the's my fault.

Just gonna leave these summery photos right here so we can pretend that didn't happen. In sartorial news, I love the look of white on white. This top is going to be perfect with distressed denim shorts. (these were my favorite pair last summer) Did I mention it's only $10?

I'm also loving this $20 lace top and this crochet version from Nordstrom. Such an easy going summer wardrobe which is what I love about warm weather wear. 

And if you're looking for a great nude shoe...these are on my birthday list. Gimme all the fringe. I cannot get enough nude heels. 

Grab my top and the entire outfit right here: