Suited for Spring.

If Spring means a clean slate than a white suit makes for a clean sartorial choice. I wore this all-white ensemble to an event this week. Note: I left the house immediately after getting dressed. C'mon, I know better than that!

Wearing all white around toddlers doesn't end up good. Especially, when our freezer is stocked with watermelon popsicles!

I'm in love with my cherry blossom trees, too. They didn't bloom last year so get ready for many-a-picture in front of them. It's a fleeting moment before the blossoms fall off littering our driveway with pink petals. I wish they lasted longer!

Can we just talk about that blue sky, too?

In other news, this white suit is not only ultra affordable but really comfy! I love that the pants can be worn separately or vice versa with the blazer. I don't have the guts to wear it without a cami like the model though. Let's just say the girls need a little more support.

Every purchase I make is really about versatility and how many different ways I can wear each piece. And for that, this outfit is a winner! 

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