101 Eats: Fresha | a healthier alternative. (+ a giveaway!)

If you're like me...lunch is either: A. in the car or B. rushed. Or wait, C. both! The struggle is real, my friends. What's worse than a lunch that provokes the 3pm slump at your desk? You know what I'm talking about. You chose unwisely and ate a carb laden, ridiculously portioned meal that made you want to pull a Costanza once you returned to the office. 

Does that only happen to me?

My husband and I shook it up a bit and met for a "lunch date" at a new(ish) lunch spot: Fresha. It was bright, vibrant, immaculate and on one of the busier streets in the Loop - Wells Street.

With so many choices at our finger tips, we've been opting for healthier fare. Fresha is that option. Everything is made from scratch and with love only using the "freshest" ingredients, homemade dressings, quality wraps and loads of delicious vegetables. 

I ordered the Mediterranean Chicken Quinoa Bowl. I've started to dig on quinoa bowls. You feel satisfied without feeling stuffed. I highly recommend the basil pesto dressing to accompany this entree. It was light and provided just the right among of tang to this dish. I ate the.entire.thing.

My husband ordered the Caribbean BBQ Wrap. The colors were just gorgeous...so I made him pose as my hand model in between bites. He loves when I do this to him; let me tell you.

If you're seeking lunch alternatives under $10 and under 550 calories - pay them a visit. Yes, that's right...every dish is under 550 calories! Ahhh-mazing.

I'll do you one better, if you live in Chicagoland and work in the city...enter to win my giveaway for a complimentary lunch on Fresha. I promise you'll return!

Fresha Place | 171 West Randolph | Chicago