Eyelet will forever be associated with Summer in my mind. Didn't every little girl have an eyelet dress?

Today's post brings you a modified, more contemporary version that can be worn with jeans or a skirt for dressier occasion. I suppose this is my favorite uniform of all: a boxy top with interesting details, distressed denim and a good pair of heels. 

No one could ever accuse me of not knowing what I like.

Speaking of things I like...these shoes. I'm a sucker for anything neutral or strappy. It's actually become a problem and just this weekend my husband came to me offering up the idea of having a closet consult. 

The whole thing sounds like a huge mess during the transition but it could make getting dressed a heck of a lot easier. I foresee a lot of purging in my future. This could be a good thing, no?

Honestly, I'd love a way to showcase every pair of shoes I owned. That sounds dreamy and luxurious. What did I say to his idea? I said, "YES, definitely, YES"

On that note, we took a huge hiatus from any sort of home remodel because we needed a break and because there were a trillion little things that needed repair. That's about to change because our master bedroom is getting a nice little facelift that I am excited to share with you all. Looking forward to bringing back the Money Pit Series!