The thing about girlfriends.

On the subject of girlfriends. With so much change in 2015, it's only fitting that I acknowledge the importance of my girlfriends. This especially resonated for me this week after editing a piece for a client of mine. 

My client is a savvy 70-year old grandma who always has a few "isms" to share. It got me thinking about my own girls. Everyone knows my husband is my rock but there are some things only a woman can relate to.

With that said, I challenged myself to curate some of the most poignant lessons my girlfriends have ever taught me and that's what Friday's post is all about!

  1. Go for it! | I referenced this in an instagram post this week. If it weren't for two local bloggers-become-friends, I don't think I would have had the gumption to really launch Oak St. Social. Sure, my husband cheerleaded me all the way; sometimes you get by with a little help from your friends. As my friend Tabitha once told me..."You can always go back and get another job in the corporate world." She is right. 
  2. "Are you okay? No, really...should I grab a bottle of wine and come over?" | I had the good fortune of befriending a neighborhood mom this past year. We met at our kiddo's preschool. We haven't known each other for a decade but she's the kind of friend I can text about my bad day and the first thing she'll ask is if I have wine and when she should come over. Lissi, you are one cool chick. I am so glad we met!
  3. Let's not beat around the bush! | As I approach 37 next month, I've come to appreciate friends who just tell it like it is. My business partner is that person for me. Sometimes it's crushing to hear when someone disagrees with you or something you created but I've grown from it. Carolyn once told me, "I don't want to hear how much you love my work...I want to hear what I can do better." That's a hugely awesome trait to find in a friend let alone a business parter. 
  4. Just delete! | My mother taught me this one. Whenever you are on the receiving end of something that's toxic, negative or just a huge time suck - DELETE it! This can be in the form of a crappy comment, an email, phone call; you name it. It's so liberating to delete the negativity or that person from your brain archives. Nobody has time for negativity. 
  5. Different friends for different reasons. | This is perhaps the biggest gift or learning I've had in my life. Don't date the same type of friend. Variety is indeed the spice of life. I have fantastic blogger friends who I can chat style, restaurants and social media with. I have strong mom friends who can relate to the daily demands of toddler life. I have college friends who can complete my sentences and enjoy a good nostalgia session as much as I do. I have mutual wife friends who I can laugh easily with, almost as though we've known each other for as long as our husbands have. You get the gist.
  6. You better work! | Like anything in life, great things do not come easy. I now understand that life is crazy and I'm going to have to put forth some effort to make my friendships work. Those treasured friendships always pick up where they left off because there's a mutual respect that "Hey, life is busy but that doesn't mean I don't love you/think of you all the time."
  7. It will get better. | A new-ish friend of mine told me this when we went through a childcare transition compounded with a job transition. It was rough and emotionally draining. You know you've met a legitimate, new friend when they call you out of the blue to just to tell you that "It will get better." For that, I thank you Jen. You were right and it did.

Fashion is fun. Work pays the bills. Kids are rewarding. But, friendships are forever and I think that's one of life's greatest gifts. Thank you all my girlfriends! xo

Happy Friday! 

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