Dairy Queen.

It was such an amazing weekend; I didn't want it to end. A huge slice of Americana with a side of sweet treats and QT with my little family. We also got a heavy dose of Vitamin C which was awesome. It finally feels like summer.

My favorite way to celebrate Summer...denim cut offs. I live in them. Dress them up. Dress 'em down. Heels or flip flops...it's hard to pry me out of these. In fact, you'd be surprised where I snagged this exact pair. It's a total steal!

I love lace and crochet this year, too. This top is at the front of my closet. Despite my lack of a tan...I can't get enough white. 

The obvious trend I notice when edit these pictures are the details. It's the denim rips, the lace cut-outs at the bottom of my top, the strap details on my heels.

And, if you think of Summer, it's not all about one big moment...it's all the little moments filed away in your brain to resort to when that first snowfall hits. Summer is about the small details from that first ice cream cone to the first baseball game of the season you attend. So lucky to have made many "little moments" this past holiday weekend. Hope you did, too!

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