Happy Monday! I'm happy to report that it's warm, sunny and it looks like health has once again restored in our family. Thank baby Jesus! 

Onto remember my post on thredUP, right? Well, I'm back with another outfit. This dress! This time I scored an adorable Rebecca Minkoff number that I sported with tights here but fully intend to rock bare legs come Spring! 

...always with a coffee in hand. My favorite accessory outside of these mirrored sunnies!

The leather details are what got me. And really, you could style any white dress like this in colder temps giving it an entirely new look in the Summer. 

Have you heard of thredUP? If not, head on over pronto. It's the ideal avenue for designer goods at a great price in mint condition. Buy, sell...wear what you love. It's that simple!

Shop my outfit below: